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05 May 2013 @ 11:14 pm
this is a quick post so that livejournal won't delete this community, lol.
10 February 2010 @ 12:24 am

Title: They Kiss Again

Episodes: 20

Watch: VEOH

Cast (mentioned in post):
Xiang Qin - Ariel Lin
Zhi Shu - Joe Cheng
Qi Tai - Figaro Ceng

Find more at Drama Wiki:


"They Kiss Again" is the sequel to "It Started With a Kiss." It starts right after the wedding, with Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu going off on their honeymoon. Throughout this drama, Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu still experience problems and misunderstandings, as well as girls who still want Zhi Shu for themselves. Zhi Shu continues towards his goal of becoming a doctor, and Xiang Qin comes to a decision about what career she wants. Along the way, she makes four new friends, including one who wants to take her away from Zhi Shu because he thinks Zhi Shu doesn't really love her. Does he succeed? How strong is Xiang Qin's love for Zhi Shu, really?


"It Started With a Kiss" and "They Kiss Again" are quite similar to the anime that it's based off of. Of course, it's been altered to fit the culture. The story lines are pretty good, with lots of drama. That is what we watch for, right? But sometimes Xiang Qin's crying and dependence on Zhi Shu can get annoying. But her dedication to him is quite sweet. And at least Ariel is good at crying, so Xiang Qin's crying doesn't look forced. Also, Zhi Shu may be mean to her quite a bit, so that it's unclear whether he really loves her or not, but he does start showing more affection for her. It's different from the anime in that sense, because we can see that Zhi Shu does love her.

Throughout the drama, I just wished Xiang Qin would be a little more independent and do stuff for herself, instead of because of Zhi Shu. I think because of that, Zhi Shu sometimes takes her for granted, knowing she'll always be there for him. It was good when Qi Tai appeared and took an interest in Xiang Qin, because Zhi Shu finally experienced some jealousy and maybe realized he would need to show more affection to her. But still, Xiang Qin just wanted Zhi Shu and thought she was in the wrong, and tried to come up with a way to get back in Zhi Shu's good graces. In that, I think she should grow a little back bone. Whenever she said she would leave him, she would always go back to him and ask if it was all right for her to be with him. I think it should've been Zhi Shu asking her to come back to him, since I can't recall ever seeing Zhi Shu apologize for making Xiang Qin cry. Their love can be sweet, but it can also be frustrating to watch because of this.

I guess I kind of got what I wanted in the last episode. Xiang Qin ran away because she didn't want to be a burden to Zhi Shu anymore, since she found out she had an incurable eye disease that could be passed down to her children. She visited different places that were, I guess, important to the development of her relationship with Zhi Shu. Seeing all those flashbacks really made me want to watch "It Started With a Kiss" again. Haha. When Zhi Shu realized Xiang Qin had left him, he went into a panic and went looking for her, finally finding her in his office. I loved Zhi Shu here. He really showed that he loves Xiang Qin, comforting her and actually telling her that he'll love her no matter what. This episode really shows a lot of love between them. It kind of made me want a Zhi Shu of my own. LOL

Overall, it was an okay drama. Definitely watch it if you liked the first one. But it's not really rewatchable, in my opinion. Except for the last episode. I really like the last episode, even though it's left at an open/unfinished ending because the director decided to stay true to the manga in respect to the "ending," since the mangaka passed away before finishing the manga series.

Rating: ****

Reviewer's Note: This is my first time reviewing a drama, so this review will probably be edited in the future...once I get more experience. Haha. ^^;; Also...I'll probably try to start reviewing individual episodes from now on...

10 February 2010 @ 12:21 am

Hello!  I'm starting to get back into watching dramas, now that I have more time, so I thought I'd start reviewing and posting in this community.  Thought it might help some people who were wondering if a drama they're interested in watching is good or not.  Also, I'll probably post screencaps for icon makers, etc.

Here's a post of a little review rubric of sorts.  This is basically what I'm looking for when I watch a drama, to consider it a good drama (or anime or movie, but I'll just refer to them all as "drama" to make it shorter).

1. A well-written storyline.

I have no problem with remakes of past dramas or the same basic story being told, because let's face it...most of the dramas are like that.  Most of them end with the main male character and main female character getting through all the obstacles and ending up together.  Most.  As long as the storyline and dialogue is well-written and there are some twists involved, it's all good.  Even better if I don't see it coming.

2. Well developed main characters and good side characters.

This is a pretty big one.  Obviously, the characters are what make the story happen.  They should be well developed and have personality, as well as some flaws.  No one wants to watch some perfect person get everything she wants.  I know I don't, unless it's Disney and we're dealing with princesses and prince charmings and glass slippers and fairy tales.  It's a major turn off from a drama, for me.  Characters should be pretty realistic, but I don't mind if they're a little goofier than normal with anime-type expressions and such.  As long as it's not overused.

3. Good acting.

I think this is another big one, as the actors are the ones who bring the character to life.  Bad acting can totally ruin a drama, even if it sounds like it has a good storyline. 

These first 3 points are definitely major ones.  They are deal breakers, when it comes to my rating scale.  But the last one is also key.

4. Good ending.

Finally, a drama must have a good ending.  It doesn't have to be a happy ending, but it must be plausible (unless it's of the fantasy/science fiction genre).  I would love it if it tied up all the loose ends.  Or, if the creators wanted to leave it open to a sequel, if it was done in a realistic manner with a good cliff hanger.  I don't know how else to describe what I'm looking for in an ending...but I can give an example of a recent ending that I was a bit disappointed in: Shining Inheritence.  Actually, I was a bit disappointed in the drama overall.  It didn't live up to the hype, for me, but that's another story that you can read about in my review!

Which leads me to some of advice: take all recommendations with a grain of salt UNLESS you know you definitely have the same tastes in dramas/movies/anime as the person who is recommending.

And yeah, those are the 4 main things I look at when I review.  I also take into account other things from time to time, but these 4 are the deciding factors on whether I'll recommend or not.

Also, as I mentioned before, I will be reviewing one or two episodes at a time from now on, since I hardly have time to watch a drama straight through anymore.  This will let me remember the main points of each episode and what I thought of the episode.  Then, when I've watched all episodes, I'll go through and write a review of the whole drama, referring to my episode posts and following this rubric.

Look for my next review on...You're Beautiful! :)